Life in the Mojo verse – The Trump Years

I didn’t want to write a political piece… Before this election cycle, I found it stimulating to go online and have intelligent conversations with people who didn’t agree with me.  The exchange of ideas was an interesting pastime for me but, over the last 12 months, something changed.  Last summer, Continue Reading

Character Issues: Bishop

The Stats: Name:  Lucas Bishop Height: 6’6 Weight: 275 lbs Powers: Energy Absorption Type: Whimsical Warrior Excels at: GUNS!  Shooting lots of GUNS! Fails at:  Having a reason to exist. The Character: I really wanted to like Bishop.  He’s a Black Character who has had some significant impact on some Continue Reading

X-Hausted #1

In the beginning…there were the X-Men. For a long time X-Men and Teen Titans set the bar for how team books should be written.  Engaging story-lines and fantastic characterization allowed readers to invest in the stories.  No single character possessed the power to save the day without the support of Continue Reading

Character Issues: Colossus

The Stats: Name: Piotr Rasputin Height: 6’6 (Human Form) 7’5 (Armored) Weight: 250 lbs (Human Form) 500 lbs (Armored) Powers: Organic Steel Skin grants him Super Strength, Durability, Endurance, Resistance to adverse conditions/environments Type: Living Tank/Thug Poet Excels at:  Self-pity, Losing in spite of his powers Fails at:  Relationships with Continue Reading

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