Character Issues: Barry Allen

The Stats: Name:  Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen Height: 6’0 Weight: 195 Powers: The Fastest Man Alive Type: Misplaced Silver Age Rabbit Excels at: Making the laws of Physics his bitch Fails at: Existing outside of the Silver Age Learn more about Barry Allen here. The Character: DC’s greatest hero.  The Continue Reading

Rage of the Fanboys: Flash Season 2

So the Fanboys are in an uproar regarding the  *gasp* Black Firestorm in the promotional material from the upcoming season of The Flash. Comments sections filled with the wailing of white fanboys feeling disenfranchised due to a “white character being turned black”.  With the Firestorm joining Team Africa, white characters Continue Reading

Character Issues: Ben Grimm – The Thing

The Stats: Name: Benjamin Jacob Grimm Height: 6’0 Weight: 500 pounds Powers: Superhuman Strength and Durability Type:  Walking Tank / Balboa Excels at:  Moping, Fighting above his weight class Fails at:  Changing with the times. Click here to learn more about The Thing The Character: OK LBWB fam,  last week Continue Reading

Character Issues: Jason Todd

The Stats: Name: Jason Peter Todd Height: 6’0 Weight: 225 Powers: Angst Type: Emo Ninja Excels at: RAGING, Getting blown up Fails at:  Being a fleshed out character. Click here to learn more about Jason Todd The Character: I will not even try to dress this up as an objective Continue Reading

Character Issues: Rodimus Prime (Animated Generation 1)

The Stats: Name: Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime Height: Giant Robot Height Weight: Giant Robot Weight Powers: Giant Robot based powers Type: Wuss in Charge Excels at: Making you miss Optimus Prime Fails at: Leading, Not Transforming into a Station Wagon The Character: For people of a certain age, the Death Continue Reading

Lost in Translation: Optimus Prime (Bayformers)

This is a new feature called Lost in Translation where I take characters who have managed to crossover to multiple forms of media but look unfamiliar to those who love them. Optimus Prime.  For those that grew up on the first Transformers Animated Series, there were few heroes that loomed Continue Reading

Character Issues: Wolverine

The Stats: Name: James Howlett or Logan or Wolverine Height: 5’3 Weight: 195 – 300 lbs Powers: Advanced Healing factor, Heightened Senses, Popularity Type:  Killdozer, Swiss Army Knife Excels at:  EVERYTHING Fails at:  Subtlety or Nuance Click here to learn more about Wolverine The Character: This one’s tough.   A Continue Reading

Character Issues: Black Characters

Sweet Christmas! Back for another week of Character Issues.  This one is not about an individual character.  This week’s issue is about the common issues that seem to plague the black characters of Marvel and DC.  This piece is meant to address general issues and not offer a case by Continue Reading

Crisis of the Infinite Crossovers: Siege

Click here for a full synopsis of Siege I was really excited by the events that led up to this crossover.  Dark Avengers was fantastic.  It showed that Norman Osborn was a scary villain who had been more or less contained by Spider-man. It gave us a temporary replacement for Continue Reading

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