Lost in Translation: Frank Miller’s Batman

Rage of the Fanboys Batman fanboys are a different breed.  Literally, they make being simply a fan of the character an impossible chore.   When you start criticizing any part of the mythos, they start positioning themselves to shout you down with the fervor of a coked up pit bull.  It Continue Reading

Lost in Translation: Man of Steel’s Superman

In 2013, I was HYPED to see Zach Snyder’s re-imagining of Superman.   The residual boredom I experienced watching Superman Returns in 2006 had inflicted me with a seven year long state of persistent sleepiness.  Superman Returns was such a surreal addition to the Superman Franchise.  My reaction to it Continue Reading

Lost in Translation: Optimus Prime (Bayformers)

This is a new feature called Lost in Translation where I take characters who have managed to crossover to multiple forms of media but look unfamiliar to those who love them. Optimus Prime.  For those that grew up on the first Transformers Animated Series, there were few heroes that loomed Continue Reading

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