LBWB Vol 2 Ep 2: Vince Gotta Chill

Vince needs to sit his ass down somewhere. This is the first of a few looks at the current WWE product from the perspective of a Black fan. This episode is a follow-up to the article I wrote about a week ago. Check it out here.

I’m Writing Again

After an unplanned sabbatical, I’m writing again. Dig. A lot of things happened since I created new content. I’m not editing this one. My mom died. Depression hit. I quit my dream job. I tried my hand at buying a business. I partnered into a business with my best friend. Continue Reading

Character Issues: Netflix’s Iron Fist

The Stats: Name:  Danny Rand (Iron Fist) Height: 5’11 Weight: 175 Powers: Chi Manipulation, Master Martial Artist Type: Peak Mediocre White Male Excels at: Getting Captured by The Hand Fails at: Nearly Everything Else The Character: I’m a Power Man and Iron Fist fanboy.  Even though the original series started Continue Reading

LBWB: Blerd State of the Union – On Hotep BS

Dig.  Hotep bullshit is a problem.  Hotep bullshit is the reason that the word ‘Hotep’, an Egyptian greeting of peace, is viewed as pejorative.  The irony is, a Hotep greets you a message of peace before emitting a fog of regressive shit. This fog disparages everybody from Black single parents Continue Reading

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