This a page dedicated to all aspects of Blerd Culture and the current HQ of the #BlerdGang.

Longboxing While Black is how I describe my interests.  I’m also learning to embrace my Blerdy roots.  My Blerd journey is one that combines Hip-Hop, Comic Books, Retro Cartoons, Pro-Wrestling, Anime, Movies, Video Games….  I reference all of these to build my narratives.  Blerd Life is unique because so much nerd fare is ingrained in the Black Experience.   For example: Your favorite rapper has a favorite comic book character that he/she references frequently. I’m just embracing the linkages.

I grew up on a steady diet of Pro Wrestling, Comic Books, Hip-Hop, 80’s era cartoons and Movies.  When I speak with my friends, our conversations are a tapestry of obscure references to WWF/WCW/WWE, Comic Book or Cartoon Characters etc. that is indecipherable to those not both hip and nerdy.   This page is about taking some of these conversations and giving them shape and form.  I’m really trying to build a community around these conversations.

#BlerdLife #BlerdGang #LongboxingWhileBlack

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