LBWB: Blerd State of the Union – On Hotep BS

Dig.  Hotep bullshit is a problem.  Hotep bullshit is the reason that the word ‘Hotep’, an Egyptian greeting of peace, is viewed as pejorative.  The irony is, a Hotep greets you a message of peace before emitting a fog of regressive shit. This fog disparages everybody from Black single parents to Black Women with college degrees to Black people who have the audacity to be employed by or work alongside White people.  Hotep bullshit is the reason why many conversations in the Blerd community about Black issues are sprinkled with hateful fuckshit midway through.  Hotep bullshit has been around for a long time but has enjoyed an explosion due to the viral nature of Social Media.   Typically Hotep bullshit manifests itself when a entry-level understanding of Black History intersects with misogyny.  This is also known as “Watching Hidden Colors for the first time.”  Not having any frame of reference outside of Hidden Colors, many new Hoteps believe are qualified to use their nascent understanding of African Diaspora to lecture to other Black people.  

The junction where Hotep bullshit and Blerd culture meet is specifically contentious because many male Hoteps are simply wounded Male Blerds who found difficulty finding acceptance growing up.  The Hotep brand of bullshit is appealing to them because it places ownership of our struggles as Black people at the feet of Black Women.  Black Women are an appealing target to wounded Blerds because they blame them for the psychological wounds they carry from childhood.  Hotep Blerds often end up becoming the types of intellectual bullies they claim to resent.  Blerd Hoteps make online communities toxic because of their inability to coexist with other Black people without insulting or being condescending towards them. Their bullshit takes on many forms:

  • They share full of shit YouTube Videos by fake Pan-African internet personalities.
  • They create and share memes that blame Black Women for any number of fuckeries inflicted on us by White folks.
  • They enter discussions armed with little to no real understanding of points they are debating and post links to articles they did not read as evidence.
  • They claim love for Black Women, but really as as a concept only.  The moment a Black Woman presents a viewpoint the conflicts with theirs, she is a ‘Sellout, Coon, or Bed-wench’.
  • They bestow Honorific titles on themselves and each other without understanding that a Black Controlled Oligarchy looks exactly like White Controlled Oligarchy to those without power.
  • They claim EVERYTHING is a distraction and insist that Black people live a Spartan existence, detailing this switch to an agrarian society, from the comfort of their parent’s basement via their laptop or mobile device.  

The problem with this Hotep bullshit is that it infects Blerd spaces with a brand of White Patriarchy that wears blackface.  Blerds are being forced to debate aspects of their humanity in spaces that really should be about sharing experiences and passions.  It casts a shadow over the entire experience and hijacks many narratives.  From this point on behalf of the Blerd Community I declare:

  • We should be able to have intelligent conversations about Black representation in film, TV and literature without it spiraling into about who’s to ‘blame’ for Black single parenthood or any number of other oddly specific Hotep grievances.
  • (Speaking of oddly specific…this one is personal) We demand that you learn about topics like science, biology, law, economics BEFORE pontificating on them.  Ex: Being unemployed with no plan of generating revenue isn’t a business model.  Having an opinion is great, getting people to pay you for your opinion is something different.
  • We should be able to enjoy things without subsequent guilt trips about being distracted from people who don’t see the irony of chastising people for caring about frivolity while trolling groups on social media.
  • We deserve to be free of poorly conceived conspiracy theories drummed up in the imagination of a bored Hotep when discussing legitimate social issues. 
  • We demand that you refrain from defending rapists and perpetuating the an agenda that further normalizes rape and lionizes Black people who rape as Black Folk heroes in Blerd spaces…keep that bullshit on your side of the fence.    
  • We urge you to learn more about our collective history and ditch the narrative that straight Black Males are the only ones combating oppression historically and currently.  
  • We challenge you to commit to  learning the difference between educating and simply being patronizing.  Good teachers are constantly learning from those they are teaching to.  
  • Get behind the idea that being Pro-Black means embracing and empowering other Black people.  White people castigate us for existing as we are enough, don’t be a Black advocate of White Supremacy.  

We dig the fact that you are invested in learning and speaking your truth, but we aren’t here for your toxic bullshit.

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