The (White) Gods of Egypt


The Gods of Egypt. Fam.  I hate this movie.   I haven’t even seen it and I hate it so much.   I hate the trailer.  I hate the concept.  I hate the title.  “Scholars” may (try) to debate the racial makeup of Ancient Egyptians but I know they damn sure weren’t Danish, French, Australian, English, Scottish…

I understand that the Director offered a punk-assed apology about the “not considering diversity” when casting.  Not considering diversity Fam…when casting a movie set in Egypt.  The level of White Supremacy it takes to chalk up continued practice of whitewashing Egypt to simply forgetting or not considering diversity is mind melting.  This is Columbusing on a pretty high level.  They took African Mythology and inserted white people as the subject.  Imagine the outrage if all of the Norse Gods in Thor were played by black actors.  Racists worldwide couldn’t deal with Idris Elba playing Heimdall in Thor.


Imagine if Morgan Freeman played Odin.  The White Tears would flow so hard and so deep what White Noah would be able to sail his Arc through the whitewashed world of the cinematic Middle East. Wait….

White Noah

or enough to allow White Cleopatra to float down the Nile….wait…

White Cleopatra


This was no accident.  They didn’t just simply forget to include black actors in the casting process.  The producers of this movie just did the same thing that many before them have done.  Namely, they acknowledged the unwritten rule that a movie set in Africa, had to have white people in the staring roles in order to make the film interesting to a white audience.  It’s old school Eurocentrism.  It’s just run of the mill, tried and true, unoriginal White Supremacy on the big screen.

Yes.  The movie is racist.

And Yes.  You should feel bad if you spend your money to see it.

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