Character Issues: Professor X

Professor X vs Stairs

The Stats:

Name: Charles Xavier, Professor X

Height: 6’0
Weight: 190lbs
Powers: Telepathy and Psionic Powers
Type:  Professional Martyr
Excels at:  Dreams
Fails at: Reality

The Character:

Professor X is the leader of the X-Men.   I know that he’s currently dead but for Chuck being dead is more like being out for a sick day.. he will be back soon enough.  Charles is a polarizing force within the X-Men books.  His dream of peaceful coexistence between Marvel’s Mutant population and Marvel non-Mutant population has a pretty high body count.  Mutants on either side of Charles’s cause are willing to kill for their beliefs.

Charles is original Headmaster of Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.  Charles uses the school as a front to source and recruit young mutants to his cause. Considering the high mortality rate of being one of Charles’s students, it’s kind of surprising that word hasn’t spread about joining Chuck’s crew being a one way ticket.

The good professor started out as an analog for Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King was eventually gunned down by one of the people he wanted to integrate with. Professor X lived on to be phenomenally ineffective and retroactively damaging as the leader of the X-Men.

The Issues:

Besides being drawn as if he were suffering from a perpetual headache……

professor_x_01 Charles_XavierProf XProf x


…the Professor is directly or indirectly responsible for nearly ever major crisis the X-Men have ever faced.  He’s led one team of X-Men to their demise and mindwiped them out of existence.  He was an integral part of creating Onslaught.


His secret evil twin was responsible for the massacre of 18  million mutants in Genosha.  He was the reason why Magneto became so damn bloodthirsty in the early 90’s.  The Xavier Protocols have been used on two separate occasions to hurt the X-Men.  He’s the reason why the Shi’ar  Empire has come into conflict with Earth so many times.  His long term planning ability is on par with Wile. E Coyote.

Charles’s ‘Leadership’ of the X-Men is essentially him arm chair Quarterbacking conflicts while Cyclops or Storm do all off the heavy lifting on the battlefield.  On the rare occasion Charles does go out into the field, he becomes a Mansel in Distress.  Whether or not he’s in the wheelchair, on the battlefield, Chuck goes from being the most formidable mind in the Marvel Universe, to being Princess Peach.

Professor Peach

The Fix:

Next time Charles comes back from the dead, have him return to help the X-Men to a decisive victory.  Have him take command of the team, reuniting a fractured X-Men team.  Give him telekinesis as a new power that he’s learning to control, and put him front and center in combat situations.  Have him be such an overwhelming force on the battlefield that he ends up becoming a weapon of last resort for the team.  Whenever Cyclops returns from the dead, Professor X needs to actually Mentor him to be a leader and not just field commander.  Charles needs to be a difference maker for the team otherwise he has no real purpose.

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