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IDW’s Transformers Comics are the best books you aren’t reading.  I say this without hesitation.  IDW has taken a long established property and given it new depth and substance.  The book solidifies the history, politics and culture of the Transformers with humor and heart.  The strength of the the IDW Transformers comics lies in the characters.  They are depicted as conflicted about their role in the the Wars, their feelings about the Decepticon and Autobot causes and their level of alignment with Megatron or Optimus and their policies, every Autobot and Decpeticon has a unique voice and perspective on their role in the story.

The dialog is sharp and blends seamlessly with the action allowing readers to be immersed in the stories.   Absurdities in the plots caused by Comic Book Science are observed and commented on by the characters so that the readers aren’t alone in the experience.   The relationships between the characters don’t come off as forced in any way.    No character is without flaws or personality quirks.  For example:  Hot Rod (sarcastically given the name Rodimus Prime by the crew of his ship) is a capable leader but is profoundly self-absorbed and hot headed.  He is prone to going to extremes to protect his ego.  Nothing demonstrates this more than the introduction of the Rod Pod.

The RodPod
This is everything you need to know about IDW’s version of Hot Rod.

You can read more about this character in “The Fix” segment of the Character Issues piece I did on Rodimus Prime.

The current IDW run (starting with Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye) of the Transformers highlights the shades of grey within all of the characters.  Optimus is not an infallible leader, Megatron is motivated by noble reasons, Prowl’s actions as the Autobot’s second in commad have been very Decepticon-like and Soundwave is a sympathetic being.

To be honest, the only completely evil Decepticon in the current series is Overlord…….

Overlord Tortures Fortress Maximus

Overlord is the main villain in Last Stand of the Wreckers.   If I had to describe this miniseries, I would categorize it as Survival Horror/War/Black Comedy.   It is equal parts shocking and funny with one of the intimidating Big Bads I’ve seen in any book in years, Overlord.  Overlord is joyously sadistic and there are times that you have to remind yourself that these are Robots. Imagine Jason Vorhees killing with the glee that Tim Curry showed as Pennywise the Clown in IT. He is Megatron’s top superweapon who’s only motivation is his desire to kill Megatron.  I won’t get into many spoilers, but I will warn you…it’s not for the squeamish.  If you are interested in getting into the IDW Transformers, The Last Stand of the Wreckers Miniseries is your best bet.

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