Reaction: Batman #47 *spoilers*

Batman #47 Cover

BatGordon today! BatGordon tomorrow! BatGordon for the future!

The current Snyder and Capullo run on Batman has been nothing less than fantamiscal.  Batman 47 gave us another glimpse into the lives of two versions of Bats.

Jim Gordon: The Batman who has a firm grasp of what his limits are.


Bruce Wayne:  The former Batman who currently has no idea of what he is capable of.

This issue plays up the contrast between Jim and Bruce and it works really well.  Both men are currently enjoying their respective roles, meaning that the inevitable return to the status quo will be more excruciating for both characters.

The Robin stuff came to head and The Joker reveal is bound to create for some fascinating plotting in subsequent issues. Mr. Bloom is really establishing himself as serious threat in the Gotham Underworld, I still really don’t know what his actual powers are but he seems to be some kind of Plant Monster who enjoys stabbing people with his fingers.

Overall it was another solid read that I enthusiastically recommend.  I’m really enjoying this run.  I can’t help but think that Bruce reclaiming the cowl will spoil some of the fun.  I like BatGordon. His internal monologue is that of a man who knows he’s in over his head and is constantly surprised that he hasn’t been killed yet.  He is a nice contrast on the Batman who is so overconfident that he consistently underestimates the situations he’s in.

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