Rage of the Fanboys: Flash Season 2

So the Fanboys are in an uproar regarding the  *gasp* Black Firestorm in the promotional material from the upcoming season of The Flash. Comments sections filled with the wailing of white fanboys feeling disenfranchised due to a “white character being turned black”.  With the Firestorm joining Team Africa, white characters only make up 95 percent of characters in fictional universes.  Clearly white fictional characters are out here losing.  Ignore the fact that Jason Rusch…a negro… already existed as Firestorm and has been Firestorm for over ten years.  Ignore also the systemic practice of whitewashing real people AND fictional characters has existed since Cesare Borgia first cosplayed as Jesus .  What matters is the Fanboys are upset about the status of a B-String comic book character who is a secondary character on a television show on the CW. The fanboys are livid:

“How dare they take a fictional character who is actually the am amalgamation of two characters and make him another character!”

“How dare they re-cast a secondary character because the actor who plays the character has other commitments and they found a way to creatively re-cast said character in a way that rings true to the source material!”

When it comes to white supremacy, facts don’t matter as much as outrage.

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