Character Issues: Jason Todd

The Stats:
Name: Jason Peter Todd
Height: 6’0
Weight: 225
Powers: Angst
Type: Emo Ninja
Excels at: RAGING, Getting blown up
Fails at:  Being a fleshed out character.

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The Character:

I will not even try to dress this up as an objective assessment of this character.  I have ALWAYS hated Jason Todd.  I remember the joy that his death introduced into my world.  Food tasted a little better, the sun shone a little brighter, music even sounded a little better.  Death in the Family was the first time that I saw The Joker as a sympathetic anti-hero.  Joker did what many of us only could fantasize about.  I imagine the sound the crowbar made as it was deleting the editorial mistake foisted upon the fan-base of the Batman mythos, sounded like a chorus of angels in the throes of a glorious orgasm.

Thwack! Glorious THWACK!

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The Issues:

Jason Todd was a whiny, misanthropic bully.   Before he was graciously killed, Jason spent the majority of his time bitching about everything.  When he wasn’t complaining, he spent his time savagely beating mental patients and small-time criminals.  He ruined many of Batman’s long-term investigations because his ability to follow orders was overridden by his inner assholishness.  He eventually managed to get himself suspended from active duty as Robin after apparently killing a guy.  Jason continued to ruin everything he touched until The Joker repented for his past crimes by beating Jason with a crowbar and blowing him up.


The Bat-Family stabilized and Tim Drake established himself as the Robin Bat-Fans deserved. Then Superboy-Prime punched reality and my least favorite member of the Bat-Family was resurrected through the power of shitty writing.

Superboy-Prime: The Ruiner of the Universe

Instead of being happy to be alive, Jason reclaimed his mantle as the Kanye West of the DC Universe and instantly resumed his bitching.  Jason’s favorite thing to complain about was Batman’s refusal to murder the Joker for heroically un-ruining Batman’s life by killing Jason.  Jason then initiated a campaign of Bitchassedness that engulfed that Batverse and ruined Bat-books for me for the next five years.  Although Jason couldn’t decide if he wanted to be Robin, The Red Hood, NIghtwing or Batman, he made sure that brought his style of douchebaggery to each identity.  Honestly the only spin he added to his interpretation of each identity he’s taken, save for The Red Hood, has been guns and killing.  At best he is Nightwing + Knives


Batman + Guns,


or Robin + Killing.

Robin_Jason_Todd_004 (1)

This character is so contrived, inconsistent and unoriginal that he’s a punchline to an unfunny joke.  Right now he exists at the creative dead-end of 90’s era anti-hero.  This trope was played out in 1995, yet Jason has been occupying this space for over four years. Creative has NOTHING for him.


The Fix:

DC missed a chance when they resurrected Jason Todd.  They could have given him the full Darth Vader treatment and established him as a pure amoral villain.  No vengeance plan, no monologuing about how Batman failed to avenge him.  They could use DC’s next Continuity Reboot to establish him as a ruthless new criminal element in Gotham’s Underworld.  Tie it to the Lazarus Pit and say that Jason was on his way to being a major player in the Gotham City underworld before Batman showed him compassion and the Lazarus Pit rewired his brain to its default state.  Have him commit many atrocities on his rise to the top and establish him as a serious and long term threat to the Bat-Family.

If the goal is to redeem him, they can establish an arc where he meets a heroic alternate reality version of himself and he would get a glance at the man he could have been.  He would liquidate his criminal assets for charity, turn himself into custody and eventually be recruited to lead Task Force X to atone for his sins.  Now you have a believable Rouge running the Suicide Squad who has no qualms about villainous killing teammates while protecting innocents unfortunate enough to cross paths with the Squad.

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