Character Issues: Wolverine

The Stats:
Name: James Howlett or Logan or Wolverine
Height: 5’3
Weight: 195 – 300 lbs
Powers: Advanced Healing factor, Heightened Senses, Popularity
Type:  Killdozer, Swiss Army Knife
Excels at:  EVERYTHING
Fails at:  Subtlety or Nuance

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The Character:

This one’s tough.   A long time favorite character of mine.  Wolverine is the most overexposed character in the Marvel Universe.   He has reached Batman levels of oversaturation in every form of media he exists in.  He’s goddamn everywhere.  He’s on every team, in every conflict and he is one of the few characters that has a book named after him, who isn’t even alive to star in it.

Come on ya’ll!

We were given the sweet reprieve of his demise just a few short months ago, but that even rings hollow due to the strange and open-ended nature of his death.   Marvel has such a Wolverine addiction that his Old Man Logan counterpart is getting stage time. They just can’t quit this character.

Don't worry. He'll get better.
Don’t worry. He’ll get better.

The Issues:

He’s in EVERYTHING!  He is the Deus Ex Machina when Dr. Strange is busy.   According to avowed maniac, Bill Jemas, Wolverine is the original man (Fuck You Africa!).  He is hundreds of years old, he’s a soldier, a samurai, a spy, a Headmaster of a school, a philosopher, and A Horseman of Death.  He went from an interesting character in the X-Men’s mythos, to front and center of everything X-related.  Then he contaminated every corner of the Marvel Universe.  He has been on the Avengers, Alpha Flight, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, The New Defenders, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Hand…he’s in everybody’s books. You can’t get away from him.  Even in death, his copycat characters continue his legacy.

Wolverine current popularity has a lot to do with us 90’s era comic book fans. Wolverine was Marvel’s favorite walking Cutlery Set at a time when many characters were inexplicably had a fetish for swords, axes and claws.  I mean it. In the 90’s almost every team had somebody with a set of claws or a katana….Wolverine had both…and he was on every team in the Marvel Universe.


The Fix:

When Wolverine does come back….cool it with the Wolverine shit.   Seriously.  Enough already.  That’s how you fix it.

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