Crisis of the Infinite Crossovers: Siege

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I was really excited by the events that led up to this crossover.  Dark Avengers was fantastic.  It showed that Norman Osborn was a scary villain who had been more or less contained by Spider-man. It gave us a temporary replacement for The Thunderbolts. It was a regular showcase for the awesomeness that was Ares.  Siege on the other hand….

Damn it...
Damn it…

Look.  I know it looks like that I’m intentionally picking on Siege because they killed off one of my favorite characters.  This is categorically….true.  Look at this picture…

If you aren’t a fan after seeing this picture, you are dead inside.   Seriously.

Ares aside.  Siege was a mess.   This book suffered from an overdose of Sentry.   Sentry is not a character that inspires a lot of interest.  In fact, Sentry is a white hole of apathy.  He is such a dull character that Marvel has resorted to grafting new abilities to him in order to make him readable.   Sentry’s sole reason for existing seems to be to chewing scenery.  In the lead up to this crossover, Sentry killed The Molecule Man.  The same Molecule Man that recreated the planet and went toe to toe with The Beyonder.  Sentry out-moleculed the Molecule Man…and nobody knows how the hell he did it.

Back to Siege.

I’m skipping to the inglorious finish.  Two items really ring false with the conclusion of this book.

  1. How The Sentry is defeated.
  2. How Norman Osborn is handled.

The Sentry

Sentry’s big moment was when he killed Ares.  It was a shocking moment that set a strange tone for the conclusion.  While it showed how powerful  The Sentry was by killing a Greek God, it initiated a chain of events that culminated in a disappointing climax to the story.  Sentry got his Mr. Hyde on and became the Void.  The Avengers dropped a Helicarrier on him and had Thor hit him with a bolt of lightning….that’s it.   An epic war for the survival of the planet ended like a Wile. E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoon.  LAME.

Norman Osborn

He conquered the United States.  He took over S.H.E.I.L.D and turned it to H.A.M.M.E.R. He marginalized the Avengers and scattered their ranks across the planet.  In the Siege of Asgard, Norman was portrayed as an incompetent maniac who loses to Captain America and Iron Man.  The kind of guy who was completely incapable of any of the Boss Shit he did in the lead up to Siege.  To top it off, he’s oddly defeated by a Stark/Cap combo relegating Spider-man to clean up duty.

The Fix

Phobos should have killed The Sentry.  He is Ares’s son and is the God of Fear.  He can engender fear in his enemies just by looking into their eyes, he is an extraordinary swordsman and he possessed the God Killer Sword.  Phobos could have used The Sentry’s mental instability against him and incapacitated him using his fear projecting powers, then killed him using the Godkiller in a fit of rage.  The most powerful Plot Device in the Marvel Universe…killed by a ten year old boy.  BOOM

Norman Osborn should have been defeated by: SPIDER-MAN the goddamn SPIDER-MAN and only SPIDER-MAN.  He is the only reason Norman Osborn has been contained all these years.  Give Peter the spotlight.  It’s already been established that Peter is in Norman’s head.  Make him the guy who ends his threat.

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