Character Issues: Colossus

The Stats:
Name: Piotr Rasputin

Height: 6’6 (Human Form) 7’5 (Armored)

Weight: 250 lbs (Human Form) 500 lbs (Armored)

Powers: Organic Steel Skin grants him Super Strength, Durability, Endurance, Resistance to adverse conditions/environments

Type: Living Tank/Thug Poet

Excels at:  Self-pity, Losing in spite of his powers

Fails at:  Relationships with women, Getting over ‘it’.

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The Character:

Colossus.  The X-Men’s resident living Tank. He can survive damn near anything in his armored form.  He has no need for food, water or air and has gone toe to toe with Juggernaut and The Hulk.  He has demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice himself for the mission and his work with water colors is fantastic.

The Issues:


Colossus.  Bruh.  Where do I begin?  He is the Drake of the Marvel Universe.  He has the tools to be formidable but is largely forgettable.  He is an Armored wetwipe. His default state is sulking.  If the X-Men need a guy to deal with a heavy hitter, Colossus is down to ride as soon as he over feeling some type of way about Kitty Pride or Zsaji.  Sure he will stop the Juggernaut’s latest rampage…as soon as he finishes this stanza, his heart is really speaking to him.  Colossus inexplicably ends up on the losing end of nearly every major fight he’s in.  He just doesn’t lose, he gets trounced.  As much combat experience as this guy has, he is about as cunning as six year old.   He loses because he gets tricked into making bad decisions…often. Colossus is Charlie Brown Tier when it comes to taking loses.

Kitty knows the deal.
Kitty knows the deal.

The Fix:

This one is pretty simple.  Let Colossus learn from his failures.  Instead of increasing his physical abilities, improve his strategic thinking.   He will be a more convincing hero if he was introspective regarding these loses he’s out there taking.  Making Colossus a cerebral powerhouse, would be an interesting spin on the character.  Additionally Colossus needs to allowed to move on from the mistakes he’s made.  Let the trials and tribulations he’s faced shape him into a more well adjusted person.

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