Character Issues: Wonder Man

The Stats

  • Name:  Simon Williams
  • Height :6’2
  • Weight: 380 lbs
  • Powers: Class 100 Strength, Immortality, Flight, Invulnerability
  • Type:  Flying Brick
  • Excels at:  Failing in fantastic ways, Psychological breaks
  • Fails at:  Team work, Competence

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The Character

Crackling with Ionic Energy is the condemned powerhouse, a character devoid of any defining feats, specific purpose or general utility…the ironically named: Wonder Man.  Wonder Man has been an Avenger for as long as I remember, he is on par with Hercules, Thor and the Hulk but the thing people remember the most about him is, how often he gets his ass kicked. His most memorable characteristic is the decades long Bromance he enjoys with Hank McCoy aka The Beast.


The Issues

Simon is an accomplished actor, stuntman, industrialist, engineer and adventurer…none of these abilities have done anything for him.  The first time I came into contact with Simon was an issue of the West Coast Avengers where he had just been beaten into a coma, this seems to be his default state throughout the years: recently dead or newly comatose.  Dude is a Thor-class threat with Frog Man-class competence.  He is completely invulnerable but that invulnerability is somehow short-circuited by actual combat.

Wonder Man is the victim of Ares awesomeness.
Wonder Man is the victim of Ares’s awesomeness.

The Fix   

Marvel has found success with Wonder Man.  They have found a way to make him into a vastly powerful, yet emotionally fragile Killdozer.   They just happened to name this version of Wonder Man, The Sentry.  Save for the origin story, The Sentry is literally Wonder Man.  Why not just merge the two characters the way Wonder is currently merged with Rouge?  Wonder Man can play the voice of experience that helps The Sentry balance superheroics with his mental disorders.  Wonder Man finally gets to be the weapon of last resort that he’s been sold as.

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