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Character Issues: Animated Goku

The Stats: Name:  Goku, Son Goku, Kakarot Height: 5’9 Weight: 137 lbs Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Ki Manipulation, Teleportation, Flight Type:  Flying Brick, Martial Arts Superman Excels at:  Glowing, Straining and Yelling Fails at:  Protecting his family or friends, Saving the Planet.   The Character: Any discussion about Goku starts a firestorm of fanboy […]


The Weirdest Sh*t I’ve Ever Seen: The Dark Knight Rises

Time for an unpopular opinion… I loved Tom Hardy’s representation of Bane.  I liked the voice.  I liked his costume.  I liked his character.  Bane was the high part of the movie for me.  He was consistently the most interesting character in the movie. Bane also felt more real than any other character.  I’m saying […]


Rage of the Fanboys: HYPE

What’s the difference between excitement and hype? My definition is of excitement is: natural anticipation or enthusiasm that is levered to reality.   Hype on the other hand is an artificially high state of excitement that loses all sense of perspective or history. I saw Deadpool last week.  I really enjoyed it.  I had a […]


The (White) Gods of Egypt

The Gods of Egypt. Fam.  I hate this movie.   I haven’t even seen it and I hate it so much.   I hate the trailer.  I hate the concept.  I hate the title.  “Scholars” may (try) to debate the racial makeup of Ancient Egyptians but I know they damn sure weren’t Danish, French, Australian, […]

Professor X vs Stairs
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Character Issues: Professor X

The Stats: Name: Charles Xavier, Professor X Height: 6’0 Weight: 190lbs Powers: Telepathy and Psionic Powers Type:  Professional Martyr Excels at:  Dreams Fails at: Reality The Character: Professor X is the leader of the X-Men.   I know that he’s currently dead but for Chuck being dead is more like being out for a sick […]


The Weirdest Sh*t I’ve Ever Seen: Matrix 2 & 3

Changing the game The Matrix destroyed action movies for me.  It was like nothing I’d ever seen in live action American cinema.  It positioned itself as something new AND it delivered without being obnoxious about how new it was.  The Matrix blended practical effects with CGI and found an eye pleasing balance.  It kicked open […]

Captain Planet
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Character Issues: Captain Planet and the Planeteers

The Stats: Name: Captain Planet w/ Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, Ma-Ti Height: Variable Weight: Variable Powers: Weather and Elemental control (Captain Planet) and Elemental Control (Planeteers) Type: Marshmallow Voltron Excels at: Advancing the plot weekly Fails at:  General Superheroics, Specifically being Awesome. The Character: In the 90’s, I had a hunger for anything that looked […]

Black Nerds Unite
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Longboxing While Black: Acceptance

As long as I can remember, I have been into comic books.   I don’t play video games as much as I used to, I was never into tabletop games and I have a hard time following most Sci-Fi shows.  Comic Books are the only constant.   They are the things I never grew too […]

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Character Issues: Bishop

The Stats: Name:  Lucas Bishop Height: 6’6 Weight: 275 lbs Powers: Energy Absorption Type: Whimsical Warrior Excels at: GUNS!  Shooting lots of GUNS! Fails at:  Having a reason to exist. The Character: I really wanted to like Bishop.  He’s a Black Character who has had some significant impact on some major X-Men storylines.   He […]

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When Did Games Become so Easy?

Enter the NES As a Black Millennial (I was born in 79…close enough), I was part of the NES revolution. I was five when the OG Nintendo Entertainment System dropped in the States.   It was the biggest thing in the history of things experienced in my five years on the planet and it was […]