Character Issues: Hal Jordan

The Stats: Name: Harold “Hal” Jordan Height: 6’2 Weight: 200 lbs Powers: Wields the most powerful weapon in the Universe.  A Green Lantern Ring can do anything he can will into existence. Type:  Magical Space Cop Excels at:  Lechery Fails at:  Being a decent person The Character: Hal Jordan is Continue Reading

Longboxing While Black (Part 1)

Longboxing While Black is how I define myself as a Black Comic Book fan.   I say “Fan” because the words “Nerd” or “Geek” spawn bullshit debates about what differentiates the two groups.   I will use the word Fandom because it is easier to type than Comic Book/Anime/Video Game Fan/Cosplayer.  To Continue Reading

Character Issues: Superboy-Prime

The Stats: Name: Kal-El (Earth Prime) Height: 5’11 Weight: 170 lbs Powers: Superman’s Powers at a higher multiple Type:  Flying Brick Excels at:  Reality Punching, Narrative Destroying Fails at:  Subtlety, Being Sympathetic. The Character: Superboy-Prime is the lone survivor of Earth-Prime.  He possess the story crippling power level of the Continue Reading

X-Hausted #2: X-Force

The 90’s.   When everything that was annoying about the 80’s was dipped in Neon paint to make it EXTREME….or X-Treme because starting a word with the letter ‘E’ was lame.  In 1991, the comic book speculating boom dictated that creators create the loudest, shiniest, gaudiest and most X-TREME books Continue Reading

Character Issues: The Legion of Superheroes

The Stats: Name: The Legion of Superheroes (The Legion, Legionaries) Powers: Varied yet stunningly One Note Type:  Teen Age Space Rom-Com meets Hamburger Hill Excels at: Sprawling Cosmic Operas Fails at: Having a coherent history The Characters:  Follow this link to buy Legion of Superheroes books This edition is a passion Continue Reading

Lost in Translation: Man of Steel’s Superman

In 2013, I was HYPED to see Zach Snyder’s re-imagining of Superman.   The residual boredom I experienced watching Superman Returns in 2006 had inflicted me with a seven year long state of persistent sleepiness.  Superman Returns was such a surreal addition to the Superman Franchise.  My reaction to it Continue Reading

X-Hausted #1

In the beginning…there were the X-Men. For a long time X-Men and Teen Titans set the bar for how team books should be written.  Engaging story-lines and fantastic characterization allowed readers to invest in the stories.  No single character possessed the power to save the day without the support of Continue Reading

Character Issues: Barry Allen

The Stats: Name:  Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen Height: 6’0 Weight: 195 Powers: The Fastest Man Alive Type: Misplaced Silver Age Rabbit Excels at: Making the laws of Physics his bitch Fails at: Existing outside of the Silver Age Learn more about Barry Allen here. The Character: DC’s greatest hero.  The Continue Reading

Rage of the Fanboys: Flash Season 2

So the Fanboys are in an uproar regarding the  *gasp* Black Firestorm in the promotional material from the upcoming season of The Flash. Comments sections filled with the wailing of white fanboys feeling disenfranchised due to a “white character being turned black”.  With the Firestorm joining Team Africa, white characters Continue Reading

Character Issues: Ben Grimm – The Thing

The Stats: Name: Benjamin Jacob Grimm Height: 6’0 Weight: 500 pounds Powers: Superhuman Strength and Durability Type:  Walking Tank / Balboa Excels at:  Moping, Fighting above his weight class Fails at:  Changing with the times. Click here to learn more about The Thing The Character: OK LBWB fam,  last week Continue Reading

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