Character Issues: Bishop

The Stats: Name:  Lucas Bishop Height: 6’6 Weight: 275 lbs Powers: Energy Absorption Type: Whimsical Warrior Excels at: GUNS!  Shooting lots of GUNS! Fails at:  Having a reason to exist. The Character: I really wanted to like Bishop.  He’s a Black Character who has had some significant impact on some Continue Reading

When Did Games Become so Easy?

Enter the NES As a Black Millennial (I was born in 79…close enough), I was part of the NES revolution. I was five when the OG Nintendo Entertainment System dropped in the States.   It was the biggest thing in the history of things experienced in my five years on Continue Reading

Lost in Translation: Frank Miller’s Batman

Rage of the Fanboys Batman fanboys are a different breed.  Literally, they make being simply a fan of the character an impossible chore.   When you start criticizing any part of the mythos, they start positioning themselves to shout you down with the fervor of a coked up pit bull.  It Continue Reading

Icons of Black Nerdom: Chappelle’s Show

The Backstory When Chappelle’s Show dropped, I was already a fan.   Dave’s first hour long HBO special, Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly, was literally the funniest thing I’d ever seen up until that point in my life.  I have never laughed so hard for so long at anything before. Continue Reading

Essential Reading: IDW Transformers

  IDW’s Transformers Comics are the best books you aren’t reading.  I say this without hesitation.  IDW has taken a long established property and given it new depth and substance.  The book solidifies the history, politics and culture of the Transformers with humor and heart.  The strength of the the Continue Reading

Character Issues: Anakin Skywalker

The Stats: Name: Anakin Skywalker Height: 6’2 Weight: 175 Powers: Mastery of the Force Type:  Emo Space Knight Excels at:  Killing younglings Fails at:  Manning up The Character: I really have never forgiven Anakin for killing Mace Windu.  Removing Samuel L. Jackson from the Star Wars Universe was a crime Continue Reading

Reaction: Batman #47 *spoilers*

BatGordon today! BatGordon tomorrow! BatGordon for the future! The current Snyder and Capullo run on Batman has been nothing less than fantamiscal.  Batman 47 gave us another glimpse into the lives of two versions of Bats. Jim Gordon: The Batman who has a firm grasp of what his limits are. and Bruce Wayne:  The Continue Reading

What I’m Checking for this week 12/8/15

Here are a few things (Comics and TV) I’m checking for this week. The links are provided by Amazon. Batman #47: I’m truly enjoying this current run with BatGordon.   It’s a nice respin on the Batman mythos before the inevitable return to the status quo with Batman vs Superman Continue Reading

Character Issues: Caillou

The Stats: Name: Caillou Height: Small Weight: Unknown Powers: Reality Warping Type: Whiny Excels at: Ruining his parent’s lives Fails at: EVERY GODDAMNED THING Dedicated to all the parents out there, suffering through some of the worst children’s programming in history The Character: Canada is the epicenter of many pop Continue Reading

Character Issues: The Silver Surfer

The Stats: Name: Norrin Radd, Silver Surfer Height:  6’4 Weight: 225 Powers: Imbued with the Power Cosmic Type:  Gorilla Glass Cannon Excels at:  Looking Great on Paper Fails at: Nearly Everything Else The Character: I know, I’ve already took a shot at the Silver Surfer in The Silver Surfer Problem but I Continue Reading

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